Aspectus aims to provide cost effective, reliable, integrated and sustainable energy solutions to homes, communities and businesses. Using technology, we utilize the sun's energy to provide clean, affordable and sustainable energy solutions. We work with international and local partners in solar industry whose products and extensive experience is of high value to us and our customers.


Innovative lighting solutions for home/garden decoration automated to light in the dark and charge in the day.

Garden lighting


LED security lights with powerful light distribution integrated with motion sensing during the night.

Security lighting


Dependable water heating solutions for households, enjoy savings on energy & reduce green house gas emissions.

Solar power solutions


An ideal solution for small and large offices to utility power outages or for off-grid battery backup.

Corporate solutions

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Why Clients Love Us!

At Aspectus, there is no room for error so we take our customers and their needs very seriously. We start by taking a comprehennsive look at our customers' requirements, energy usage and the design an appropriate solution for them while at the same time identifying opportunities for improvements and cost cutting, we guarantee our customers quality, xost effective solar solutions and personalised service.

Our process



Using clean technology to meet the very dynamic needs of individuals, communities and corporates.



Illuminating the world, one solar solution at a time.

Watts Saved



Solar is dependable
The sun is constantly dependable to generate rays each and every day.


Low maintenance
Solar power demands lower efforts in maintaining since it relies on the sun.


Lower electricity bills
Frequent use of solar energy in a household significantly reduces the electricity bills.


Solar is replenishable
The energy emitted from the sun is recyclable and has never run out compared to kerosene or oil.


Increase property value
The property value of homes or offices increases due to advantages of solar energy  in the long term.


Electricity in remote areas
Solar can be utilized to produce electricity in remote areas and inother activities such as hiking or camping.

Our Top Selling Products

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